Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It has been so crazy these past few months and it doesn't seem to be slowing down soon. Here is a little check list of the last 5 months- Do yard sales, quilt raffles to send a son on a mission trip to Panama..check   Take care of mom who has broken ankle, dr. visits & such...check. Send son off to Panama...check.  Welcome him back home after a month....check. Work on school curriculum for son...check. Find respite care for mom...check. Send off for visa for trip to Brasil..working on that one still.  Get crafts together for Christmas boutique in November(110 baby burp cloths and counting) check.  Whew! I keep telling myself that someday I will slow down. I relish the time when I sneak away up to my craft room and work on cards. It has become my sanctuary. Time to ponder and create. So this week includes finishing the Brasil visa, working with my son, taking mom to the Dr., working on a card class workshop, picking  our daughter up from the airport, getting my mom taken care of for when we leave this weekend for an international convention,...ah check. . Yep that's my world.
I will be posting pics of cards soon.

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